Verconix is an intelligent, all-in-one, virtual concierge and security system.

Incident monitoring, recording and alerting

Protect your property, take action

  • Incidents are recorded in high definition
  • Footage and evidence is securely archived offsite
  • Receive alerts of a potential threat to your property by telephone, text message or e-mail
  • Verify incidents from anywhere in the world, as they happen and reduce false alarms
  • Help the police respond quickly in the event of criminal activity

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Entry and visitor management

Identify your visitors, be safe

  • Speak to or see your visitors even when you are not at home, from anywhere in the world
  • Use your existing telephone, mobile, computer, tablet or TV as an intercom
  • Remotely control the door lock
  • Leave notices at the door if you do not wish to be disturbed
  • Provide instruction or direction for deliveries

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Access control and key management

Manage access, be in control

  • No more fumbling around for keys
  • Intelligent detection of your proximity to the door, triggers the door lock
  • Access the building using a keyless, unique PIN code
  • Provide family, friends, medics or event the cleaner with a unique PIN code, which can be cancelled at any time
  • No more worrying about lost or stolen keys
  • As you leave or arrive, receive the latest the news from your community or personalised offers and deals from local businesses

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Managed by us, on your behalf

We take care of all aspects

  • Installing and setting up all equipment
  • Managing and supporting your complete system
  • Remotely monitoring the status of your system, 24/7
  • Repairing and servicing – same day
  • Co-ordinating with all suppliers and occupants
  • Managing any consultation process on your behalf

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